2018 a new beginning..

As an Aquarian i am hugely excited on the approach to my birth month. With 2017 fading into distant memory, and the reality that although 2018 marks a new year. It is maybe going to take a little bit more work than we had all hoped, but we are in the age of Aquarius, so hold onto your hats… and get ready for some seismic shifts in thinking.

There is much on the agenda this year.. but there is one issue that has welcomed us into the new year with a bang!

Women’s rights and equality are at the forefront of my concerns, with entrenched misogyny being exposed on an epidemic scale within institutions across western society, Weinstein, Trump, Larry Nassar, Men’s clubs where women are paid to put up and shut up… ┬áthe list just keeps growing with no end in sight. Thank god for female role models who are not just talking about these issues but keeping us talking about them. Its working..

I am beginning to question what i have remained passive about in my own life, at work, with friends, and with past sexual encounters. I have made the decision that i am not going to be silenced when i see harassment, assault and hate crimes happening with my own eyes or to me, its time to stand up and be counted. Maybe its something that we all should be doing for the betterment of humankind.